Moisture-absorbing desiccant film for near-zero moisture packaging
MoistCatch is an ultra-modern moisture scavenging film that was developed to evenly disperse high-density moisture absorbers within a package. The film is flexible and can perfectly take the form of any packaging, allowing it to be used in a particularly wide range of packaging applications. Since the film itself acts as a moisture absorbent, the need for desiccant bags is completely eliminated.

This results in cheaper and safer packaging that requires fewer manufacturing steps and less labor to produce. MoistCatch can also be laminated with a number of materials used in multilayer packaging. For example, it can be laminated with aluminum to create an effective packaging barrier. Ideal for moisture scavenging and perfect as an outgassing solution to airtight packages, MoistCatch is an ultra-efficient packaging material for electronic components, pharmaceuticals, medical tools, and any other moisture-sensitive products.

Sample multilayer film structure using MoistCatch: PET/AL/Moisture absorbing layer/Sealant layer. Film structure and thickness of layers can be customized upon request to accommodate any packaging needs.
  • 1. Hygroscopicity: 7g/m2 at 80um thickness (worth all moisture within 1mx1mx1m cube in 20C/40 environment)
  • 2. Certifications & Criteria: ISO9000s, FDA DMFs registration, GMP standards of production
  • 3. Processability: Processable as regular plastics into various forms including PTP blister sheets, strip pouches, bottles, and humidity dryers
  • 4. Thikness: 80um and 50um; other thickness negotiable
  • 5. Disposability: Disposable as plastic only in many countries
  • 6. Gamma Ray Compatibility: Gamma-ray-resistable
  • 7. Water barrier effect: A few years or longer to saturation (if laminated with aluminum and completely sealed)
  • 8. Availability: Available globally