This label functions as high-security protection tools, such as anti-counterfeiting labels or proofs of quality guarantee which fends your precious products off the risk of being counterfeited.


Its color changes with the use of the dedicated lights

If you shed light with the dedicated lights on the label, it is perceived through the screen in various colors depending on angles. It's just like an aurora!

*We have the exclusive right to purchase its raw materials from the maker, in order to prevent counterfeits.
When perceived with the dedicated lights, the label displays hidden characters

When you see the label using the dedicated lights, some hidden characters or pictures, which are invisible to bare eyes, appear on it.

*Even if a counterfeiter photocopies the label, these characters and pictures will not be replicated.

Others:You can use any concepts for the size and the design of the label. A “VOID” mark will remain where the label was once it is removed.


Our security labels may be used in various applications, such as anti-counterfeiting labels or proofs of quality guarantee.

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