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We are Here to Work with You to Create the Next NOW

We make products that fulfill everyone’s dreams and create services that capture everyone’s heart in partnership with our precious clients.
We share with our partners hardships and joys along these collaborative journeys.
Our goals is that our partners say, “I’m glad we chose to work with Kyodo Printing.”
In pursuit of novelties, we keep on advancing onward with flexible,
open-minded attitude, as well as information processing technologies we’ve developed over so many years to make Kyodo Printing’s history.

About Us

Management Philosophy

Our "Management Philosophy," "Group Vision", and
other core concepts behind the Kyodo Printing Group's activities.

Corporate Profile

An outline of our businesses and other key information about the development of Kyodo Printing.


The evolution of the Kyodo Printing Group since its founding in 1897.

Business Areas

An introduction to the wide range of products and services we provide as a comprehensive printing business.

Research and Development Areas

Read about how we apply our printing technologies from IT solutions to manufacturing.

CSR Information

Kyodo Printing Group
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

IR infomation

IR Calendar

Annual schedule

Financial Information

Financial and business performance data

Stock and Corporate Bond Information

Stock administration procedures, corporate bonds issued by the Company, rating information, etc.

IR Library

Financial announcements, shareholder newsletters and other IR materials

About Out Company About Our Company

Our corporate profile is available in electronic book format.
If your computer does not support this format, please download the PDF version.

About Our Company : English. pdf
digital book
About Our Company : Digital book format(English)