Research and Development Areas


Research and Development Areas

"Comprehensive printing" technology that creates a vibrant future
As the environment surrounding "printing" continues to change, we are developing
"total solution businesses" that tackle issues our customers face in a diverse range of areas.
A wide range of technology fields, mainly printing technology, will be central to this mission.
We are rapidly producing new technologies by intricately linking and combining these business areas.

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※1 CRM......(Customer Rerationship Management)
refers to the application of information systems to build long-term
relationships with customers
※2 POD......(Print on Demand)
refers a system that prints only the required number of lots when
materials need to be print
※3 BPO......(Business Process Outsourcing)
refers to handling outsourced corporate operations
or business processes as a specialist provider

Examples of product and service commercialization technology

Industrial Materials_Daily-life Materials

  • Moist catch
  • hyumi judgment