Business Areas

We are Here to Work with You to Create the Next “NOW.”
We make products that fulfill everyone’s dreams and create services that capture everyone’s heart in partnership with our precious clients.
We share with our partners hardships and joys along these collaborative journeys.
Our goal is that our partners say, “I’m glad we chose to work with Kyodo Printing.”
In pursuit of novelties, we keep on advancing forward with flexible, open-minded attitude,
as well as information processing technologies we’ve developed over so many years to make
Kyodo Printing’s history.

Information Communication Branch

Publishing and Commercial Printing Section

We provide a variety of printing-media-related services, including editing, planning, content production, and multi-device development.

Product Line
Magazines, books, comics, textbooks, dictionaries, independent books, padded booklets, art books, picture books, chronologies, e-publications and catalogs, leaflets, posters, pamphlets, calendars, POP, novelties, sophisticated fine art reproductions, and other products.


Information Security Branch

Business Media Section

We seek to improve the value of communication in general. With our evolving skills and expertise, we intend to realize customers’ imaginations..

Product Line
Business forms, data printing services, bankbooks, lottery tickets, gift certificates, smart cards, credit cards, commuter passes and other products.


Living and Industrial Materials Branch

Lifestyle and Industrial Materials Section

We accurately respond to diversified consumer and industry needs, and deliver products that provide safety and an eco-friendly choice

Product Line
Packages (flexible packaging, paper containers, metal printing related products, various kinds of tubes), highly functional materials (medical and industrial materials), construction materials (various kinds of decorative board, interior finishing materials, decorating board, FA (electronic equipment), display related products and other products.

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