Management Philosophy

The Management Philosophy of Kyoto Printing Group forms the basis for all of our corporate activities. By realizing this philosophy, the Group will contribute to the development of a more sustainable society.

The Management Philosophy forms the basis for all of our decisions and actions, and should be shared by all employees. Towards the realization of this philosophy, "Key Group Policies" sets forth our business direction, and "Management Vision KYODO SPIRIT" sets forth a vision of the company we aspire to be.

The Printing Group Business Behavior Charter guides our actions in terms of observing compliance and corporate ethics. It also reveals our attitudes as a company that contributes to societal in order to meet its social obligations.

Management Philosophy

Using our core printing business to contribute to society in the spheres of lifestyle, culture and information industries


Key Group Policies

"Value Creation, Growth and Challenges"

  • Value creation
    The businesses of Kyodo Printing Group are aimed at creating higher value for all of our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, society, business counterparts and employees).
  • Growth
    The Group will reform its business and profit structure and achieve new growth in order to create value.
  • Challenges
    The Group will formulate a range of strategies aimed at achieving growth, and continually set ourselves new challenges.


Management Vision

Corporate Image We Aspire To

We will capitalize on the corporate capabilities we have cultivated in printing related markets, aim to win the praise and trust of all of our stakeholders and strive to be a vibrant corporate group that employees enjoy working for.

  • We will strive to expand orders and enhance our growth potential by providing high-quality products, actively proposing such products to customers and potential customers and agressively developing new products.
  • We will enhance profitability by continually reducing costs.
  • We will strive to capitalize on our management resources and strengthen our business foundations by reviewing business areas and pursuing greater organizational and operational efficiency.
  • We will heighten our market appeal by increasing customer satisfaction and enhance our corporate value by actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.


We will embrace a spirit of flexible, logical thought and innovation that is not constrained by the past, and seek to embody the corporate image that we aspire to.
※"Commitment" = a declaration of resolve


Enacted: May 28, 2003
Revised: April 1, 2011

1. A trusted company
We will strive to build relationships of trust and recognize the importance of advancing hand-in-hand with our stakeholders, which include customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and the local community.
2. A company that values ethics
All employees, from management to the entry-level workers, heed the rules and regulations of society and recognize the importance of corporate ethics.
3. A company that cares about safety, and implements thorough quality assurance and information management
We identify the needs of society, and develop and provide high-quality products and services in a way people can trust in us for safety.
We strictly manage the handling of all information generated for and provided by customers and business partners .
4. A fair and transparent company
We act fairly, have a clear understanding of the concept of free competition, and contribute to the sound advancement and development of the market.
We maintain clean and proper relationships with political bodies and government agencies.
We actively disclose necessary and genuine corporate information and communicate extensively with shareholders and the public.
5. A company that cares about the environment
We acknowledge that tackling the environmental problems is a challenge faced by all humanity and crucial to its co-existence and livelihood. With the spirit of one of the responsible changemakers, we proactively take actions to create a more sustainable world.
6. A company that conducts activities benefiting society
As a “good corporate citizen,” we take initiative to engage in activities that benefit our society and community.
7. A company that respects people
As a company that values people, we respect the diversity of our staff, each individual employee’s character and personality and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
8. A company that values social law and order
We have zero tolerance to antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and security of civil society and refuse to accommodate or associate with such individuals and groups.
9. A company that respects all cultures and customs of the world
Along with the globalization of our business activities, we are willing to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where operations are based and respect human rights and other international norms of behavior. We also value and respect the local cultures and customs of such countries in our business.
10. The responsibility of top management
Our top management develop effective internal systems for the entire Kyodo Printing group, including all relative companies, and supervise the cohesiveness and enforcement of each statement of this charter. They also ask for the clients’ and business partners’ understanding and cooperation on it.
If the Charter has been violated, top management will take responsibility to resolve any issues that arise from it, and do their best to prevent any similar problem’s reoccurrence in the future. Top management also promptly make full public disclosure, explain what has occurred, and impose strict disciplinary action against those responsible, including themselves.


Established March 1, 2011

The Kyodo Printing Group places a strong focus on building trust relationships and working together with its stakeholders, and considers the cooperation of its suppliers to be particularly essential for the development of sustainable business activities and industries.

Based on these principles, the Kyodo Printing Group has established the following objectives and basic policies relating to CSR in the procurement of its materials, products, semi-finished goods and services in order to build an even greater trust relationship with its suppliers.

1.When carrying out business activities, companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall cooperate with all suppliers who contribute to the Group’s business processes, including development, production of products and semi-finished products and provision of materials and services, to meet society’s needs.
2.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall strive for mutual development throughout the supply chain through CSR procurement.
Basic Policies
1.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall conduct appropriate trading practices, observing laws, regulations and social standards and adopting fair, free business competition principles.
2.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall thoroughly manage all information disclosed or acquired during the course of their trading activities.
3.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall accurately ascertain society’s needs and procure high-quality materials, products and services with sufficient consideration for safety.
4.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall observe all applicable laws and regulations and procure resources with consideration for environmental conservation activities to help build a sustainable society.
5.Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall not accept gifts or favors that deviate from social standards.


Established January 31, 2013

The Kyodo Printing Group aims to work together with all of its suppliers to perform CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities that contribute to the sustainable development.

The following CSR Procurement Standard stipulates the basic principles to be adhered to in order to achieve this.

1. Observance of Laws, Regulations and Social Standards
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall observe all laws, regulations, ordinances, government notices and social standards pertaining to their business activities.
(2)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall not give or accept inappropriate financing.
(3)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall not involve themselves in antisocial behavior in any way.
(4)If a member of a company in the Kyodo Printing Group reports inappropriate actions, the Group shall take measures to ensure that the informant does not suffer reprisal.
(5)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall observe all export-related laws and regulations and the laws and regulations of all countries and regions in which it conducts business activities.
2. Health, Safety and Respect for Human Rights
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall respect the basic human rights of their employees and shall not engage in unfair discrimination.
(2)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall work to create a healthy working environment, and shall not tolerate any form of harassment.
(3)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall work to prevent industrial accidents, ensure the safety of their employees, manage their working hours and ensure the health of their employees.
(4)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall not engage in unfair labor practices such as child labor, forced labor or illegal employment of foreign workers.
3. Information Security
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall appropriately manage confidential information, personal information and other sensitive information obtained in the course of their trading activities to ensure that misuse or leakage does not occur.
(2)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall not infringe upon intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights or trademarks.
4. Environmental Conservation and Safety
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall observe environmental laws and regulations pertaining to all business activities and shall work to reduce their impact on the environment.
(2)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall prioritize environmentally friendly products when purchasing materials and parts.
(3)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall carry out appropriate industrial waste disposal processes according to the relevant laws, regulations and ordinances.
(4)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall appropriately manage chemical substances according to the relevant laws, regulations and ordinances.
5. Quality Maintenance and Improvement, Product Liability and Stable Supply
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall meet the Group’s standards and work to improve quality at all times.
(2)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall understand laws and regulations relating to product safety and take appropriate management measures.
(3)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall provide products and services at an appropriate price according to market conditions.
(4)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall provide a safe and stable supply of products and services according to specified deadlines.
6.Contribution to Society
(1)Companies in the Kyodo Printing Group shall endeavor to contribute to society and their communities.