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TOMOWEL supports both innovation and sustainability.

Our role and mission in society and in the marketplace is to fully support passionate companies that are working to solve the mountain of social issues, and to work through partnerships to realize a prosperous world.

Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. of "TOMOWEL" is your business partner.

Features of Kyodo Printing Group


Ability to make proposals based on our strengths in handling tangible media and our extensive service menu

We provide total solutions, from the creation of paper and other tangible media to a menu of services that optimize communication and measure the effectiveness of promotional plans.


Robust security technology with over 120 years of experience

Utilizing one of the most advanced security environments in Japan and information processing technology cultivated to date, we propose measures to support the digitalization of society and contribute to improving security.


No.1 share in Japan for manufacture of Laminated tubes

As Japan's leading manufacturer of laminated tubes, we offer tube containers for a variety of applications, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, and food products.

Introduction of Business Divisions

Segmented Revenue Composition (Consolidated)

93,363million yen

Fiscal Year Ending March 2023