Management Philosophy

The Management Philosophy of Kyodo Printing Group forms the basis for all of our corporate activitiees. By realizing this philosophy.the Group will contribute to the development of a more sustainable society.

The Printing Group Business Behavior Charter guides our actions in terms of observing compliance and corporate ethics. It also reveals our attitudes as a company that contributes to societal in order to meet its social obligations.

Management Philosophy

Using our core printing business to contribute to society in the spheres of lifestyle, culture and information industries

Management Vision

We aim to become a corporate group that continues to create new value by casting customers' aspirations into shape through honest communication and technical capabilities that lead the market.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

Enacted: May 28, 2003
Revised: October 1, 2019

The Kyodo Printing Group will act based on the following in order to "Using our core printing business to contribute to society in the spheres of lifestyle, culture and information industries".

1.Contribute to a sustainable society
We shall help to resolve social problems and contribute to sustainable economic growth through the development and provision of innovative products and services.
2.Fair business practices
We shall engage in fair and free competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement. We shall also maintain sound relationships with political bodies and government agencies.
3.Fair disclosure of information and communication with stakeholders
We shall endeavor to maintain and acquire trust in our Group through fair and proper disclosure of information and dialogue with stakeholders.
4.Respect for human rights
We shall respect the human rights of all. In addition, we shall comply with the laws and regulations of all countries and regions, and conduct business while respecting different cultures and practices.
5.Relationship of trust with customers
We shall develop and supply high-quality and safe products and services, and stringently protect and manage information that is created or is gained through the course of business and, thus, gain customer satisfaction and trust.
6.Enhancement of workplace environments and reform of work practices
We shall respect the diversity, character and individuality of employees, help them improve their skills, and provide them with comfortable working environments that ensure their health and safety.
7.Engagement in environmental issues
We shall endeavor to protect and improve the natural environment and human living space through the life cycle of our products, and act responsibly to build a sustainable society.
8.Involvement in community and contribution to its development
We shall actively participate in community activities and contribute to community development as a good corporate citizen.
9.Thorough crisis management
We shall conduct thorough crisis management in the face of actions by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters and other crises that threaten corporate activity.
10.Role of top management
Top management shall build governance systems that are effective throughout the entire corporate group, strive to raise awareness of the Charter's spirit within the corporation, and encourage the supply chain to act in line with the spirit of the Charter. In the event that the corporation violates the spirit of the Charter, top management shall proactively take responsibility to respond to the situation, including disclosure of information, resolution of the problem, investigation of its causes, and prevention of the recurrence of the problem.