Research & Development

Commitment to technological development to meet the diversifying needs of society

Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1897 and became the first private printing company to establish a laboratory in 1932. We have expanded our printing domain from paper printing to fabric and metal, and as a specialist in printing, we have always pursued the possibilities of printing technology.

Since then, against the backdrop of diversifying social needs, we have expanded our printing technology into various fields and combined it with information processing technology to create safe and comfortable products. Particularly in the area of packaging, we continue to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society by focusing on the development of environmentally friendly products.

Our Business Field

Information and Communication Business

We offer a variety of products and services to meet the diversifying needs of society, including paper printing materials such as publications and advertising materials.

We provide high-quality products and services backed by reliable technology and know-how accumulated over many years, such as digital content production including e-books, proposals for promotional measures using marketing and data analysis, data printing that handles personal information, high-security IC cards, as well as web solutions, system design, and various application development.

Living and Industrial Materials Business

We provide packaging materials for food, cosmetics, and daily necessities, including laminated tubes, for which we have the largest market share in Japan. We also develop and provide high-performance films as packaging materials for pharmaceuticals.

The Kyodo Printing Group is committed to the development of environmentally friendly products and proposes new packaging that is both superior in function and environmentally conscious.